Publication List

Preprints and Working Paper

  1. ​ W. Mei*, F. Bullo, G. Chen, J. Hendrickx, F. Dörfler, "Rethinking the Micro-Foundation of Opinion Dynamics: Rich Consequences of an Inconspicuous Change", submitted, arXiv:1909.06474    PDF ]   [ SLIDES ]

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  3. N. Pagan, W. Mei*, F. Dörfler, "A meritocratic network formation model for the rise of social media influencers", submitted.

  4. W. Mei, G. Chen*, F. Dörfler, “Structural Balance and Interpersonal Appraisals Dynamics: Beyond All-to-All and Two-Faction Networks”, submitted to Automatica, arXiv:2012.10151

  5. W. Mei*, F. Dörfler, "Opinion Dynamics with Compromise Behavior: the Continuous-time Weighted-Median Influence Process", in preparation (manuscript available upon request).

  6. B. Wang, W. Mei*, C. Altafini, F. Dörfler, “Weighted-Median Opinion Dynamics with Antagonistic Relations”, working paper.

  7. C. Li, W. Mei*, F. Dörfler, "Measurement of Social Power in Weighted-Median Opinion Dynamics", working paper.

Journal articles 

  1. F. Liu, S. Cui, W. Mei*, and M. Buss, “Dynamic Interplay Between Social Balance and Opinion Dynamics”, IEEE Control SystemsLetters, 5(1):181-186,2020.

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Conferences, workshops, posters, and non-peer-reviewed articles

  1. N. Pagan, W. Mei, and F. Dorfler, "Emergence of scaling on the followers of social media influencers", NetSci-X, Tokyo, Japan, 2020, accepted.

  2. W. Mei, N. E. Friedkin, K. Lewis, and F. Bullo, “Dynamical Models of Appraisal Networks Explaining Collective Learning,” In IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Las Vegas, NV, USA, December 2016, doi: 10.1109/CDC.2016.7798803.   [ PDF ]

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  4. W. Mei and F. Bullo, "LaSalle Invariance Principle for Discrete-time Dynamical Systems: A Concise and Self-contained Tutorial," arXiv:1710.03710, 2017.   [ PDF ]

  5. W. Mei, N. E. Friedkin, K. Lewis, and F. Bullo, “Team Learning and Performance Evolution via Assign/Appraise Dynamics,” In the 30th Southern California Control Workshop, San Diego, CA, USA, June 2016.