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Publication List

* indicates the corresponding author.


Preprints and Working Paper

  1. H. Liang, B. Wang, W. Xia, C. Altafini, W. Mei*, “Weighted-Median Opinion Dynamics with Antagonistic Relations”, working paper.

  2. W. Mei, J. Huang, D. Guo, X. Fan, G. Luo, Z. Li, Y. Xie, "A Mathematical Theory of Opinion Polarization", working paper.

  3. Y. Han, F. Dörfler, W. Mei*, "Continuous-Time Weighted-Median Opinion Dynamics", working paper.

Journal articles 

  1. G. Chen, W. Su, W. Mei*, F. Bullo, "Convergence of the Heterogeneous Deffuant-Weisbuch Model: A Complete Proof and Some Extensions", IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, accepted, 2024. (full paper)

  2. F. Liu, S. Cui, W. Mei*, H. Gao*, "Modeling, Analysis, and Manipulation of Co-evolution between Appraisal Dynamics and Opinion Dynamics", Automatica, accepted, 2024. (regular paper)

  3. W. Mei, J. Hendrickx, G. Chen*, F. Bullo, F. Dörfler, "Convergence, Consensus, and Dissensus in the Weighted-Median Opinion Dynamics", IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Early Access, 2024. (full paper)

  4. J. Cheng, W. Mei, W. Su, G. Chen*, "Evolutionary games on networks: Phase transition, quasi-equilibrium, and mathematical principles", Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 128447, 2023.

  5. W. Mei*, F. Bullo, G. Chen, J. Hendrickx, F. Dörfler, "Rethinking the Micro-Foundation of Opinion Dynamics: Rich Consequences of the Weighted-Median Mechanism ", Physical Review Research, 4:023213, 2022.    

  6. W. Mei, G. Chen*, N. E. Friedkin, F. Dörfler, “Structural Balance and Interpersonal Appraisals Dynamics: Beyond All-to-All and Two-Faction Networks”, Automatica, 140: 110239, 2022. (regular paper)

  7. E. Y. Huang, D. Paccagnan, W. Mei*, and F. Bullo, “Assign and Appraise: Achieving Optimal Performance in Collaborative Teams”, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Early Access, 2022. (full paper)

  8. N. Pagan, W. Mei*, C. Li, and F. Dörfler, "A meritocratic network formation model for the rise of social media influencers", Nature Communications, 12:6865, 2021.

  9. F. Liu, S. Cui, W. Mei*, F. Dörfler, and M. Buss, “Interplay Between Homophily-Based Appraisal Dynamics and Influence-Based Opinion Dynamics: Modeling and Analysis”, IEEE Control SystemsLetters, 5(1):181-186, 2020.

  10. G. Chen*, W. Su, W. Mei, and F. Bullo, "Convergence Properties of the Heterogeneous Deffuant-Weisbuch Model",  Automatica, 114:108825, 2020(regular paper)

  11. W. Mei*, P. Cisneros-Velarde, N. E. Friedkin, and F. Bullo, “Dynamic Social Balance and Convergent Appraisals via Homophily and Influence Mechanisms,” Automatica, 110: 108580, 2019.  (regular paper) 

  12. G. Chen*, X. Duan, W. Mei, and F. Bullo, “Linear Stochastic Approximation Algorithms and Group Consensus over Random Signed Networks,” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 64(5):1874-1889, 2019.  (full paper) 

  13. N. E. Friedkin*, A. V. Proskurnikov, W. Mei, and F. Bullo, “Mathematical Structures in Group Decision-Making on Resource Allocation Distributions,” Scientific Reports, 9, 1377, 2019.   

  14. W. Mei*, N. E. Friedkin, K. Lewis, and F. Bullo, “Dynamical Models of Appraisal Networks Explaining Collective Learning,” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 63(9):2898-2912, 2018.  (full paper)

  15. W. Mei*, S. Mohagheghi, S. Zampieri, and F. Bullo, “On the Dynamics of Deterministic Epidemic Propagation over Networks,” Annual Reviews in Control, 44:116-128, 2017. 

  16. W. Mei* and F. Bullo, “Competitive Propagation: Models, Asymptotic Behavior and Quality-Seeding Games,” IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, 4(2):83-99, 2017.  

  17. W. Mei* and F. Bullo, “Sequential Decision Aggregation with Social Pressure,” Mathematics of Control, Signals and Systems, 28(3):23, 2016.

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